Use our twin swim float and stay safe in the water with your babies

Summer is coming and our twin swim float means you can bring your gorgeous babies with you. 

Swimming with twins obviously brings up lots of questions, but playing in a pool or the shallows of the beach can be manageable! After so long inside, a swim in safe water is hard to pass up. 

Here are some tips to keep your twins safe if you’re considering a swim:

#1 Safety first

Your twins’ safety comes first, so assess the situation and if the sea or pool doesn’t seem safe don’t risk it. 

#2 Preparation is key

Keep everything you need close to the edge of the pool or nearby on the beach. You’ll need towels, toys, drinks, food, nappies, changes of clothes, hats, sunglasses and phones within easy reach. 

#3 Use a twin swim float

Things for Twins Double Pool Float is a must have for any family with twins or two young children. It can be used in pools or the ocean.

The twin swim float can hold two children aged from six months up to three years with a weight limit of 15kg per child. The maximum weight restriction is 30 kg. The Things for Twins Double Pool Float design ensures stability when two children of different ages or weights are in the float. You can also use them individually.  

It is white with a cheerful pattern of bright blue bubbles. The middle section of the float allows for each child to have their own play space or interact with co-riders and a supervising adult.  

A trip to the pool or beach is no longer impossible!

#4 Keep your eyes and ears open

It goes without saying that you need to keep watch on the twins as they play in the pool. 

There will be moments when you have to look away, so listen for laughs, splashes and chatter. You can also chat to the children, as long they’re talking to you, they’re less likely to be in trouble. Encourage them to be loud and shout at you, listen for any changes in their voice. 

Don’t leave them unattended, so dig out the sunscreen from your bag early and be prepared for your day in the water.

#5 Twin swim lessons

Start them swimming early as this can help with pool time. Swim lessons can start when they are less than a year old and will your twins to be comfortable, familiar and have fun in the water from a young age.

#6 The more the merrier

Bring your partner, family and friends along! It’s OK to want one adult per child when you’re in the water. It’s also much more fun to have someone with you as the babies bob around in their twin swim float. 

Having another adult means you can focus on one child, and actually enjoy playing with them. With two babies in the pool, your attention will be split as they investigate different things and get distracted.

#8 Learn CPR

There’s a high chance you won’t ever need to use what you learn, but why take the risk? The British Red Cross and St John's Ambulance offer a range of first aid courses including classes specifically for children. 

Enjoy swim time with your babies

A dip in the water is a lot of fun for everyone. Make sure you stay safe and supervise the twins at all times. 

Bring in help if and when you need it. And enjoy yourself! 

Make incredible memories as you watch the twins play in the water, learn to swim and sleep the night away after a tiring day. 

Treasure your moments and keep the twin swim float to remind yourself of those days as they grow bigger and bigger.