TwinGo Twin Feeding Pillow Now Available in the UK!

Have you bought yourself a twin feeding pillow yet? This nifty invention is a godsend for many twin parents and not only to help breastfeeding. 

One of our newest additions to the store is the Twingo Nurse and Lounge Pillow, and we can’t rave about it enough! 

Not only is it a comfy twin feeding pillow, but it can be used for the all essential tummy time, along with supporting parents as well. Think height adjustable to support your back!

Let's dive into the benefits of a twin feeding pillow and how you can use the Twingo Nurse and Lounge Pillow safely for other activities. 

Using a twin feeding pillow while nursing

twingo tandem breastfeeding pillow

Breastfeeding your twins can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating things you can do. It creates a strong bond between you and the babies, but be prepared, there will be tears and sore nipples along the way. 

Using a twin feeding pillow can lighten the load and even make it enjoyable for you. The pillow helps by raising the twins up so that they’re propped close to your breast. You don’t have to lean over to feed the babies, meaning you’re protecting your neck and back from potential strains. If one twin decides they need a doze or isn’t hungry, you can still keep them close to you as the other feeds. 

There are different types of twin feeding pillows to choose from. Some come in a ‘U’ shape, while others are in an ‘O’ shape. The ‘U’ shape fits most body types while the ‘O’ shape wraps around the body - good for mums who had a c-section as it provides extra support. 

Once you’ve chosen the twin feeding pillow you want to use, understand how to use it before the twins arrive. 

  1. Secure the pillows to you using a buckle. 
  2. Place the babies on their backs in the pillow, with their heads on the pillow. 
  3. Adjust their bodies so their legs and feet tuck into the side of your body. It should feel relaxed and comfortable. 
  4. Begin breastfeeding your twins.

Why we love the TwinGo Nurse and Lounge Pillow

We’re particularly excited about the TwinGo Nurse and Lounge Pillow because it is new to the twin market, and other than our UK (and Australia sister store),it can only be purchased from the US!

We also love that it is so versatile and can be used by parents of twins, or single babies alike. The unique design offers 8 versatile uses as well as 9 high-quality features that set this particular twin feeding pillow apart from other options.

twingo feeding pillow

The TwinGo pillow comes with one back support pillow that has extra-firm foam, two U-shaped feeding/lounging pillows, with dual-core foam, and a carry bag with detailed instructions. 

The lightweight, compact 3 pillow system can be used for a variety of ways, including to:

  • Tandem breast and bottle feed twins
  • Breast and bottle feed one baby
  • Lounge for play
  • Support one or two babies during tummy time
  • Help babies when their learning to sit
  • Support adults by way of a lap pillow (working from home anyone?!) or as a massage table (yes, this is totally accurate!).

The buckle system allows a snug fit with no gaps and is flexible to fit XS to XL adult, meaning you’ll always experience true back support. We also love that the pillow stacking allows mum to achieve the ideal height for breastfeeding.

Stay healthy and happy when nursing

As breastfeeding mums ourselves, we also love that when you use a feeding pillow as exceptional as the TwinGo is, it allows you to protect your body as well as your babies.

Consider using feeding time to scan through your body and see where your aches and pains are. The additional weight of babies nursing can pull on your neck and upper spine, so you may find yourself curling into your chest more. Raising the babies to your chest can take the pressure off your body. 

Take time to try different positions with your twins. Adjusting yourself and the babies before beginning the feed will make it more enjoyable for all.

Don’t forget to move your body during breastfeeding as you will be stationary for a while. Move your neck side to side, tap your toes to the floor and wriggle your fingers. Once you’ve finished nursing, place the twins in the feeding pillow and then stretch. 

  1. Roll your shoulders forward and back. 
  2. Raise your arms overhead to stretch out the upper back and shoulders. 
  3. Stretch out your pecs and chest by raising your arms in a T shape. 
  4. Twist gently to move through your spine, releasing tension here. 
  5. Take deep breaths to expand your rib cage and release. 
  6. Sometimes the use of a heat bag after feeding on neck and shoulders can help ease some pain.

Other uses for a twin feeding pillow

The TwinGo twin feeding pillow allows you to breastfeed your babies in comfort, or use the pillow separately if you want to bottle feed. The twins will be supported in the ‘U’ shaped pillows. The pillows can be turned over for different levels of firmness, so test to see what your twins prefer. 

But of course, the pillow can be used for more than just feeding!

twingo pillow massage table

Try it when pregnant to help with your sleep. Use the pillow between your knees when lying on your side to stop them rubbing together and give your lower back some support. Rest your stomach on a pillow if it starts to feel painful. 

Tummy time! This is essential to help your precious babies grow and develop. It is where they start building motor skills, strengthening their muscles and learning to move. Start with two or three minutes a day at the start of around three to five minutes of tummy time. Slowly build up to ten minutes of tummy time in the first month. 

When your twins are about three weeks old, use the feeding pillow. Prop up your twins’ chests against your feeding pillows so they can start bringing their arms forward. They need to learn how to use them! Let them squirm and move around, they’re learning so much from being on their tummies. 

twingo feeding pillow tummy time

Choose only the best for your twin feeding pillow

Pillows are much needed for preemies, newborns, small babies and new mums. Use them during the first few months to ensure healthy, well-fed twins, and a happy mum. 

When your nursing journey is complete, the versatility of the TwinGo twin feeding pillow shines through! They make excellent lap pillows for adults, and can be set up as a massage table! Need we say more?!

Check out the TwinGo in store.