The Ultimate List of Practical Presents for Twin Babies

Looking for presents for twin babies? Look no further!

Choosing the perfect presents for twin babies can be tricky. 

Should you buy the same gift for each baby, a joint gift or two different gifts? Do you look for gifts that can be practical or keepsakes? There's no right or wrong answer but here's what we think.

Finding the perfect presents for twin babies

You may think that getting identical presents for twin babies will prevent arguments in the future. However, most of the time in the early years, it’s very unlikely they will play with the same toy at the same time!  So why not find different toys to keep them occupied and stimulated? 

There are some good joint presents for twin babies, double swings, twin pool float, see saws, twin trikes, twin trolley liner, colourful picture books, carts, twin baby dolls, twin baby doll prams, a splash pool, water table and if you really want to spoil them a cubby house!

New parents would be grateful for any type of clothing. There are lots of adorable coordinated outfits for twins so you will be spoilt for choice but don't shy away from different colour options, it's nice to dress them differently, giving them their own separate identities. 

On average twin parents will go through about 5000 nappies in the first year! Boxes of nappies may not be an obvious choice, but needless to say they are a great practical gift for new parents. 

Top things to consider when choosing presents for twin babies:

  • Consider the practicality of gifts. The babies will grow quickly so keep in mind how long your presents for the twin babies will be used, sometimes it's better to get something that they may not use immediately but will last much longer in the long run.
  • Asking the parents can help, that way you get them something they really need.
  • If you're really stuck for ideas, a gift voucher never goes to waste and can be used at a time when most needed.
  • Think about mum and dad. Anything that can help to make life easier for the parents. That doesn't have to mean something for the babies and it doesn't have to cost a cent, perhaps a cooked meal, offer your babysitting services for older siblings or to sit with the new babies whilst the parents go for a quick bite to eat at a local cafe, water their gardens and or spend a few hours cleaning the bathrooms and doing some laundry, believe us, any help will be welcomed!

Make everyone’s life just that bit easier

All families with multiples need a twin feeding pillow  for their babies!

Whether the babies are bottle or breast fed, our Twin Feeding Pillow means each twin is supported and can be fed in tandem. The twin feeding pillow comes in an E-shape, has a firm, angled base for breastfeeding and a secure cradling nook for bottle feeding. The wide sides and deep surface area are perfect for the optimum positioning of babies.

Twin feeding pillows help by raising the babies close to the breast so no leaning over to feed the babies. One baby can sleep whilst the other one still feeds. 

It has been found to help with reflux as it helps with support sitting up after feeding. They are also good for tummy time.

Even if you are bottle feeding your twins, the twin feeding pillow can help feed your babies safely and securely by cradling your babies during their feed. 

Place the pillow in a secure, safe place, and other friends and family can easily lend a hand. The ideal present for twin babies.

Twin baby carriers

Have you thought about a carrier as a present for twin babies


Twin Carriers can be very convenient and offer parents of multiples lots of versatility. Allowing you to carry two babies easily and safely, getting you out and about without having to rely on a pushchair. 

We especially love the TwinGo Carrier as it can be used in tandem or as two single carriers. The sleep hoods on the TwinGo also support the babies heads when they are sleeping, giving protection from the elements.

Most importantly with all our carriers, they are ergonomically designed to support, hip, spine and neck development, whilst holding your babies safely and comfortably.

Twin milestone cards

Twin Milestone Cards will help parents to capture those special milestones in their twins’ life as they grow over the first year. 

These make the perfect presents for twins!

On the reverse of the 44 cards parents can record their different development stages. The cards include moments of joy such as:

  • Hello World
  • We are 1 week old
  • We are 2 weeks old
  • We are 4 weeks old
  • Today I learned to crawl 
  • Today we ate real food 
  • Today I took my first steps 
  • Our first cuddle with Mum
  • Our first cuddle with Dad
  • Our first tandem feed

Twin pool float

Our twin pool float is one of our most popular products, and it’s clear to see why! Hands free pool time for parents Amazing!!

The Twin Pool Float is designed to hold two children from six months to three years. 

It can be used for twins or two young children with a weight limit of 15kg each, so 30kg is the maximum weight with both children inside. 

The float is made to be stable so that children of different ages and weight can use it together or individually. 

The middle section allows for each child to have it’s own play space whilst being supervised by an adult.

Yes, we think that any parent of twins will love this as a gift.

And if you're unsure how to use the twin float effectively, then check out this blog post we wrote about how to stay safe in the water with our twin swim float

The best present for twin babies

Of course the best presents for any baby is lots of love, cuddles and kisses! 

But when you can’t be there to share in the joy, then consider sending a practical and welcoming gift. I’m sure they’ll love you for it x