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Minimonkey Twin Carrier

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You can carry a (newborn) baby/ twin in the Minimonkey TWIN in an upright position on your belly, with his or her bottom low and thighs higher and spread wide; also referred to as the M-Position or Frog Position. Experts recommend this ergonomic position for carrying babies because it can have a positive effect on the development of their hips. The Minimonkey TWIN is a ‘hip-healthy product’, certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

If you search the internet you will probably learn that the most ergonomic way of carrying your baby is to carry your baby in a wrap. In a wrap the baby can be carried in the ergonomic M-position and the weight is divided over your whole upper body. Comfortable for you and good for your baby.

But what about carrying twins? Is carrying your twins in a wrap also possible? Yes it is, however it needs a lot of practice, skills and for most people it is simply too complicated.

MiniMonkey Twin was created as an easy and comfortable solution for carrying twins (from newborn), because it simply didn’t exist. MiniMonkey Twin Carrier is designed based on the following principles: 

Comfortable – the wide shoulder straps in combination with the waistband divides the weight of the babies over your whole upper body. This makes it surprisingly light to carry.

Suitable for both newborn and older babies (max 12kg each baby).

Ergonomic – babies can be carried in the M-Position with the neck and back fully supported, comparable to the carrying way of a wrap.

Easy to use – intuitive to use and not many instructions to follow. After adjusting the carrier in the right size, the babies are placed in the pouches and tightened with a small buckle. You can do this by yourself. The carrier is designed as simple as possible to ensure the product self-explanatory.

Safe – the waistband prevents the baby from slipping out of the carrier.

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Weight - 0.64 kg

Dimensions -16 x 12 x 26 cm

minimonkey twin carrier how to image

Minimonkey Twin Carrier